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Your Art Form

The way in which you think, is indeed your art form.


A Silly Love Note

I was laid by a man sailing the sea

With eyes effervescent green laden in an aura of free

Like a numb corpse arising I fell under his spell

Under the wide waves to free myself from my personal hell

And it was wise, of me and him, to make light of our past sins

By the light of the galaxy, wrapped up in universal hymns

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I can see you opening a box

Pale blue and glowing

And inside that box is the thing

That I’ve dreamed of knowing.

I think you’re able to see it

Whenever you have desired

But I’ve been searching for it

For so long and I’m so tired.

My heart suddenly realized

Why I’ve been so enamored

It was the recognition of you

Within me, the illusion shattered.