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Wisdom, or

I and you

Are following through

To the other side of the wise.

If we and they

Lead the fools

It is our wisdom they choose.

From there to here

We feel the fear

But seek to be feared.

I’m not about

To give in to doubt

‘Cause I won’t live life paralyzed.

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For nights

If there was a push on my back

I’d see for nights upon star glittered black

For unseen worlds are told and sold

Unlike the heart of my memory old

It’s uncanny in the light of my eyes

More than my mind can ever surmise

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An experiment in words

There’s a ride on the way

That I set my trembling legs in

To take off downhill, unimagined

This ride of mine

Unforeseen, rips and then ripples

Like poked glue on my arms

Sticking, one stretching strand

On my finger tip

So I touch it to my lips

The salt, is sweet underneath

And nothing makes sense

Confusion sets in, Ms. Marilyn

Transforming purity to sin

Oh no, it’s not a dream

It’s our reality, steeped in your fury

Til you realize, creation

Is the product of manifestation.

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The most beautiful/painful love.

I have been in love for almost eleven years

The most beautiful love I have and will ever feel

And since we are taught to act according to logic

I have tried again and again to shut this feeling out

It’s nothing like the average heart could compare to

In fact, I sometimes wish I couldn’t experience it

Instead, feeling satisfied with a normal man seems better

But my heart and my head fight so fucking much

It’s like I can’t make up my mind

So I pull and push him away over and over

I can’t imagine how painful it is for him

Probably as painful as it is for me to never hear from him

Our dynamic has been poisoned by the earth

Until we learn how to create a remedy

Just for us.