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I’m in fear, my dear… under the willow trees, trying to keep cool.

But after I look up, I wake up, see the ceiling, and feel a fool.

I’m in fear, dear, and you know it but don’t know why.

Your heart is my greatest slumber, I’m creating our life awry.

The words can say it all but in the end, my palms lay untouched.

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Can we please just fuck

I’ll put on a gold necklace

That melts down my lithe sternum

Leaking into my skin to coat my bones

Every movement I’ve carefully made

Is because of little old you

Purely, powerfully penetrating

Like I want you to penetrate me


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Without a Word

There was a dream inside of me

When he was fingering me

Fingering my head, on my bed

Wondering where we could be

Fingering the hole inside of my soul

Feeling around for apathy

There was a chain, around my brain,

When he told me how I was wrong

The things about myself, and my lack of self,

Things I had never felt

He told me that I, we should be free

But only if I freed the hole inside of my soul

Into the well of his mouth

And I often meant to leave unwed

On my own two feet

The freedom he spoke of to me

Was the chain over me

The hole through my dream

The life I thought of, but didn’t want to need

So I left, unwed, not a word was said

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Blanket Math

Cold moans begin to kiss my back

It’s arched and I groan and my neck goes flat

I fiercely hold onto an old blanket

And find it’s wrinkled like blank pages

I sting and open my dry mouth wide

While my stomach turns around to hide

Sweating and moving in rhythm

Can’t seem to forget that I love him

Heated nothings lukewarm on my throat

Someone wraps around me like a coat

Sitting in silence is the only cure

The blanket, wrinkled, is my lure

Goosebumps even though it’s eighty

Hot as hell but this someone’s eyes are shady

Too tired to move, too dry to laugh

I repeat the cold, but can’t do the math