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The crepe between

There is a similar curiosity

Pervasive since it was just you and me

And in our little house of lies

My mouth was watering for how to survive

It took the booming of thousands of hours

Blooming into the skies of our eyes like flowers

Despite the desire of love and lust

Neither could reconcile the remembrance like dust

Our nonsensical buzz and passionate gaze

Like the love is like hate, that’s the phrase

Between you and me and the sea

The fold keeps wrinkling like a gift from infinity

The crepe remaining feels drowsy and drowning

We pull on the sheet, our moment is crowning

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There’s a change

A new range between cage

Bars and the smart

Whip of finger snaps

I clap, I cry, I’m flying

On a blade of burnt grass

One change, enrage

But I’m myself again

Too many bars in the cage

Of your unwilling, thrilling


And my rods and cones

Focus like hocus pocus

I’m clapping, I’m crying, I’ll fly

On my smirking lips

Covered by finger tips

No “shhh…”

Just knowing, I’m instrumental

My sanity is mental

Finally, my heartbeat, feels gentle

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That magnanimous dark night sky

Melting like velvet on my thigh

I thought I glimpsed the sparkle, the shine

I thought I knew every inch of this heart of mine

Thirstier, ravenous for sand than your bed

Led my legs tangled up in lead thread

Held up like your words in my cage

Ribs so full I confused love for rage

I’m sorry, I’m so shamed in the end

Of how I pretend, I cannot defend…

This dark night sky hugs my shadows

It holds, folds my knees, clenching dear foes

Though the foe is my worst fear

It’s just the sand in my belly, it’s here.

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into a nightmare

one day i woke into a nightmare

fingers teetering on the tip of a hair

and i found out all the things i hate

found out i was forcing my mate

to be everything i need and ‘what was happening’

my very life was a golden shadow

in the wake of this nightmare world glow

i woke into a nightmare of dreams

growing up, it seems

letting go of hope and exchanging it

for another confusion, a fusion of reality fit

for the vision of a golden world glow

and my heart center… flow.

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This dark slumber

I’ll remind you of the touch my hand,

Ahead of thousands of seconds that pass by

Our rosy young cheeks and cheeky tongues.

Remind me that you were mine,

With round eyes colored by ocean waves.

Bless me with a waking morning soon

When we are not parted by a dozen moons.

Find me sleeping with our words and punctuation

Under a bridge of running, unbridled water,

Wake me gently from this dark slumber.



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resolving this hell

I want him to find the resolve to do things

He wants to find in himself, or else

The big coats will swallow him whole

And that’s not a case, it’s a race

Of the capital Self and an oppressor

He’s my confessor, and I the lesser

The runner, the lover, the scaredy cat

For years I was nothing but a rat

Hiding in shadows and convincing my stomach

That nothing was in it

Oh, what a low

But I know better, I want better for him

Give him resolve by knowing my self

Capital Self, resolving this hell