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A literal description of depression

I was pretending to be normal

And really wanted to be

Only because of they way they treated me

From the time I was a baby

I was myself when I was alone

I could be sad by myself

Without anyone looking at me

Asking me what’s wrong

A question I’ve never answered accurately

I gave up the things I loved

Loved more than my own life

In order to be strong, happy, normal

For a few years I “was”

But now I wonder if I was simply

Getting really good at lying

Until one day it was too much

It all came rushing back

The weakness, the illness, the self-loathing

Wanting to be someone else

And never, ever feeling free



One thought on “A literal description of depression

  1. I can’t BELIEVE I missed this or maybe I read it and then somehow wiped it from my mind though I am sure I would never do that because it speaks to me THE TRUTH of depression and how we all feel when we feel that way. You are in chains. It is more of a disease than most – it is terminal – but fortunately you can do great things in the moments when you escape it and I believe you do. Never say you are deserving of bad things because NOBODY EVER IS

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