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For me, there is a certain level of comfort inside darkness.  Your heart is safe there, because it knows no light.  You can ride the waves of depression, until, that is, your head starts to tell you that you shouldn’t be there.  As if it’s a little detective with a monocle and a patronizing attitude, which is that it knows what’s best.  The alternative to the hardness of your head is your soft heart, it is soft and feels everything easily, it keeps your body moving, and your heart knows and understands what you’re going through.  It knows where you are.  It was the first thing to grow in your body and nourishes you.  Your head, however, has eyes.  It believes that only what you see must be true.  And the only way your eyes see, is through and with the light.  Without light, there’s nothing else.  For your head, that is.  But your heart simply knows.  Your heart understands this–that, even though it has never seen the light, and doesn’t know what light looks like, it still functions in this world.  It can live in the darkness.


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