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The Cherries Pierce

Within a thousand blossomed cherries

The seed, the glow, the crayoned choices


Crushed as a girl crushes the fruit

Brushed into the dirt, bruised and crude


As red as her skirt on her hips

As flirtatious as her red ruby stained lips


Branches and stems and petals in puddles

Rain and dirt and all things are muddled


A dash of green, and maybe her finger

Touch the grass and the dirt, they linger


Filling up a mouth of overflowing spit

Spitting out and spattering a great dark fit


The cement is mounted, it’s set and fierce

The girl falls down, and her skin, it’s pierced


Covered in red, green, grey and brown

Sitting with crushed cherries on her crown


The choices, they glow a never-ending flow

The path, it ends, there’s only one way to go


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