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Forty-five Fifteen Moments

She touched him with gold on her lips, within forty-five minutes. The beat of the music and the sweat and heat of the dozens, possibly hundreds of people in the club clung to everyone else who entered. She easily leaned to him and enjoyed his warmth, despite the sweat dripping off their faces. They were strangers on the street, dressed in costumes and unadorned with mystery. The night sky was deeply darkened by the isolation of the island they lived on. Despite the beauty there, everyone was a little bit empty, hoping for something to make sense when people tended to ignore each other. People tended to ignore each other, but she and he were both smarter than that. His face was open to the world and hers could read the world.  His eyes were gold, her lips were. The gold was not smattered, but carefully hugging her mouth, passing the flecks along easily to his mouth.  They were touching each others hands, within fifteen minutes. She didn’t recognize him when she saw him standing there, and would wonder throughout the night if he could be trusted. He stared at her more than once, looking for something to make sense. Within moments, she saw him.


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