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Ocean Growing

There was once

A lost little girl with locked up hair

And a young boy, with a bright blonde musical flair

They danced with their eyes

Before they could surmise

What language the other delight could speak

And soon, their mouths broke silence in curious defeat

Wielding worldly words sprung from dolls and cars

They became addicted to their flaws

With little understanding of what and where and how

And why now

They left each others’ sides

Their childhood on the rise

Over delight and worries and the stuff that makes up cries

One lived on one side of the ocean

The other, on the other side, both broken

So they stayed and sat playing, on the floor

Talking until their words knit together more and more

Becoming a world-class, ocean length, blood-red thread

Tiered with lost tears, gut-stuff and droopy, blue-beaten dread

Their meeting as children

Was woven through their hairs and lashes

Lost every time the length was cut from memory flashes

Clothing themselves in trillions of lovely threads

Whispering to each other from their blanketed beds

Soon their innocent, passionate nakedness was lost

Because, they thought that was the cost

Of growing “up”


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