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All the Beautiful Things [slip away]

All the beautiful things in my head are overcoming the sadness and the dread.  All the times you smiled and leaned over my face took away the fact that my soul was fighting its own fear of grace.  There was a twinkle and maybe even a sparkle of love but it was always a contrived and lonely shred of hurt above.  Green skies and rebellious lies and the body parts that lie between our sleeping thighs.  I can’t forget it’s too hard to forget because if I forget that means I am stronger than the parts that make me fret.  Maybe when I realize the beautiful things were only so precious because I harbored the heart of a whale, swallowed between my lungs and fighting for the breath that you came to impale.  So the things slip away while I fight for the memory in our past, for something that could never and should never, ever last.


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