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One Thousand Good Fears

It wasn’t the same night by the moon-filled river water

That he saw her standing naked in simple, sinful power

It wasn’t until she swam down that long, moon-filled river

That he knew, he decided it was the time to leave her

Out of the corner of her eye, she saw and swam harder

Upstream towards her lovely him, but he moved farther

She grasped at slippery rocks and green mossy things

Trying to save him with bright promises and sparkling rings

Jumping out of the moon water, her face soaking wet with tears

But he was gone, too far, with thoughts of one thousand good fears

She wiped herself off and envisioned his handsome face

Dreaming, what if he never left her side during her silly river race

But he wasn’t the one to walk alongside the swimmer’s dream

It would’ve destroyed his delicately sewn seam

He wanted to walk in a lovely, straight long line

On land, where he could be safe, happy and dry

The water dripped off her skin into the billion grains of sand

Through her soaked eyes, he would never stop being her special land

And his lost footsteps became the tide to her river shore

Washing away every single unhappy, past mythical lore

She turned around, wiped her face, went to the river one more time

For to never swim again, would be her own personal, stupid crime


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