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The Beauty of Meaninglessness

Once you start looking at everything like it means nothing, everything starts to become insatiably beautiful.

Our generation has so many ideas about what should be.  We obsess over the turbulent weaving of our souls into the modern world of education, career, and interest.  Interest meaning the things we do outside of work and career, either for fun, or when we think we have to do it.  Actually, a great deal of what we do is still yet governed by us thinking, gee, we have to do this–a trait inherited from our parents and our parents’ parents’ way of life.

Just drop it.  Just do it!  You’ll understand once it happens.  All of the worry, the guilt, the fear, the sadness will wash away into the ground like it never should have been.  These silly things mean nothing.  We are only part of the vast organism of the universe, a miniscule part that is naturally playing out despite the hubris of human interference.  Once you accept the meaninglessness of every day, you will see nothing but beauty.

It’s not about whether or not what you’re doing matters.  What matters is that you’re just doing it.

What matters is that you do the things that will create you into the being you know you are, and with that creation, you can be taken anywhere, do anything, become anyone.

What matters is that you experience all the things you want to–not what others think you should, but what you need to experience for yourself.

What matters is not that you got things right, but that you had the balls to fuck things up with or without the resulting end being what you wanted.

What matters is that you looked past the fence that society built, whether physical, emotional, or psychological, and decided that was not the absolute natural way of things.

What matters is the burning beast in your belly, you know the one, the insatiability of your soul.

Nothing else matters.  None of the fear, or guilt, or confusion about those little things people worry about.  It’s all meaningless.

That’s the beauty of this world.


One thought on “The Beauty of Meaninglessness

  1. Thank you for these excellent words! I’ve been reminded a lolately, that life is not about doing, but about being. Being the person we were created to be. Then the things we do are done in line with who we really are. That’s when great things happen : )

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