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A World With “Our” Compassion

Do you understand those feelings of passion? The ones that come out of nowhere, that eat you from your toes to your scalp, burning every nerve and firing every low and high you can until you think you might melt from overload. Something always manages to kick in before we overload… at least for most of us. Do you understand that all primal feelings are the blueprint for a higher form of emotion? That momentary happiness can be risen up into joy. Simple anger can be driven into justified fury. Passion weaves itself into compassion. But this can only be achieved with focus.

It seemed to me that my generation has lacked focus and direction, resulting in this sad underlying feeling of “missing.” We “miss” a potential career, we “miss” love, relationships, sex, we “miss” life in general and everything we think we should have because others are telling us we can have them. Should we be searching for these things? Should we look in every corner and nook and keep looking until we find whatever it is we’re looking for? This thing we search for, this thing that haunts each and every one of us may only be a child of our pregnant expectations, a thing that only exists because we want it to.

We find things to do and things to be, anything to fill the void of what we may not have. Even though truly, nothing is really “mine” or “yours”. The truth is, this world is ours. On a truly basic biological level, we cannot exist without one another, and on an inner spiritual existence, we cannot go on without one another.

So it worries me when we put others down and violently disagree with one another from anything as simple as a new haircut to the religion of the other person. That misguided passion that should not just be redirected toward the knowledge that we cannot go on without one another, but that we are one another. Can you really just put another person to shame without truly knowing that person? Can you do it in addition to the fact that we are one another?

Maybe this doesn’t make sense. It shouldn’t matter, though. What matters is that we are compassionate, supportive, and feel the burning desire to help one another no matter what. Without that I don’t want to live. Without that I don’t think I really am existing. I implore myself to always try to live with the perspective that I am someone else, and that I must treat their heart as if it were my heart, as if I could be loved no matter what, as if I could change no matter what, that I can go where I need to go, that I can be free and live in a world with compassion.


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