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These Dreams

These dreams. These dreams create me and undo me and find a way into my head and heart that I didn’t understand was from these dreams. These dreams make me stand up and look out the window and wonder where and when I can come back to that place that made me so incredibly good. These dreams make me question and worry and think of things I didn’t want to think of so I pushed them into the back of my head and hoped I could distract myself from their prominence.

These dreams haunt the poignant lust I felt guilty over, the lust that I thought was separable from love but maybe everyone else is actually wrong, maybe lust is just the beginning stages of love after you learn to accept the audacity of humanity.

These dreams examine the depths of my imagination and the shallowness of my hopes and wishes. These dreams blanket the open nerves of my body. These dreams sooth and draw sorrow from my heart, they understand the world better than I do even though I wake up confused and bitter and full of longing and full of hope.


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