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Crush, crush, crushing

Your jaw pushing on my face

Your eyes as far down as can go

My gaze is at the stars, trying to discern

Remembering the sensation, the sensation…

The sensations.

The guilt.

“I want you to leave me like you love me.”

And all I want is that you please don’t,

Please don’t touch me


What do you want?

Do you want to fight for a better life,

Or do you want to live in fear?

Will you let your decisions be overridden by fear,

Or will you do absolutely anything to support yourself and show you the way?

What do you want?

Do you want the choices you make to be remembered?

And in what way…?

My heart cannot take this logic, like a hammer in my head, for much longer.

My head cannot keep telling my body what choices to make.

I am meant to war my way through the old paradigm…

and war I will get.

Do you want to be who you truly are, every second of the day,

In order to truly feel right in your own skin?

I do.

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The only thing separating you

From me

Is the way I swung from the willow tree

Not yet tall or strong enough to hold

The weight of childhood wishes, desires

The desperate hope to be free of my body

But now all I want…

Is freedom from my mind

Holding me down and telling me things

Abusing the muscle of memory