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The most beautiful/painful love.

I have been in love for almost eleven years

The most beautiful love I have and will ever feel

And since we are taught to act according to logic

I have tried again and again to shut this feeling out

It’s nothing like the average heart could compare to

In fact, I sometimes wish I couldn’t experience it

Instead, feeling satisfied with a normal man seems better

But my heart and my head fight so fucking much

It’s like I can’t make up my mind

So I pull and push him away over and over

I can’t imagine how painful it is for him

Probably as painful as it is for me to never hear from him

Our dynamic has been poisoned by the earth

Until we learn how to create a remedy

Just for us.


A Silly Love Note

I was laid by a man sailing the sea

With eyes effervescent green laden in an aura of free

Like a numb corpse arising I fell under his spell

Under the wide waves to free myself from my personal hell

And it was wise, of me and him, to make light of our past sins

By the light of the galaxy, wrapped up in universal hymns